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Clark Construction Services has offices in Wellington and Christchurch. Founded more than 25 years ago we have accumulated priceless industry experience. We have managed and completed countless construction projects for a diverse range of customers. We were founded in 1989 by David Clark, an engineer by trade. Aaron Lewis, the current owner, and David met in the early 2000s and were drawn together by their devotion to the construction industry. David helped Aaron with his first business doing precast concrete in a turbulent Christchurch market, where they excelled and built a successful company with many spectacular projects to its name. Aaron moved on to Fulton Hogan and was involved with multi-million dollar national infrastructure projects. He was also involved with creating and developing a precast concrete division in Fulton Hogan from scratch, which is an extremely difficult sector to make profitable but they succeeded at. After mastering precast concrete in every way possible Aaron decided to take on a bigger challenge, working for himself again but this time fronting a construction company. This is when he went into business again with David Clark, but this time taking over Clark Construction Services. It was around this time that the earthquakes shook Canterbury to its core. Clark Construction Services got stuck in, helping to repair buildings and make them safe for occupants. It was during this time that we found we had a gift for thinking outside of the box as we managed to save buildings that others condemned. This meant our customers had far more options than they thought they’d ever have. Since then, we have established ourselves in the Wellington region, having taken on many projects across many different areas. We’ve been able to take what we learned from the Christchurch earthquakes and implement it in Wellington to bring a lot of relief to property owners. We look forward to see what the future brings and would love you to be part of that!

6 Railway Avenue, Maidstone, Upper Hutt 5018, New Zealand


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