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Education in the intermediate and middle school years requires an approach to teaching and learning that is responsive and appropriate to the full range of needs, interests and achievements of young adolescents.

During their time with us adolescents will develop physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and ethically.

At Newlands Intermediate our curriculum aims to be genuinely challenging, relevant and stimulating in order to engage our students in their learning. As educators we welcome the opportunity to be part of the social landscape of our students. We provide opportunities for our young people to be involved in local and global thinking. Learning should be active, authentic and student-centred.

Educators in intermediate and middle years are dedicated, knowledgeable, empathetic, passionate and relational.

The teachers at Newlands Intermediate are advocates for this age group. They understand the unique needs of our young people and are committed to creating learning experiences that challenge and grow young adolescents. Our teachers are passionate about teaching this age group. They have energy, enthusiasm and are skilled at teaching and learning in these middle years. One of the most effective ways to engage our students in their school life is to build and model positive relationships.

Places of learning for intermediate and middle school students are flexible, diverse, positive, safe and engaging.

Our learning spaces here allow for individual and collaborative learning activity, and opportunities for play and movement. Our school offers variety and diversity through a range of learning programmes, contexts and environments. Our place is accepting and inclusive of all cultural backgrounds. We provide an environment that builds and celebrates learning and diversity. We allow the unique characteristics of each individual to develop, fostering a sense of community. Learners have an opportunity here to connect with their world through relevant experiences and activities that nurture imagination and creativity.

Teaching and learning for young adolescents must be informed, inclusive, relevant, pastoral, global, innovative, challenging, integrated and responsible.

Teaching and learning experiences at Newlands Intermediate are challenging, dynamic and integrated. Teachers here recognise the diversity of our learners and that they have a range of different personalities, aptitudes and attitudes. Our teaching aims to foster empathy, compassion, a sense of belonging and connectedness in our students. We know that learning empowers our young people to be community minded and go on to be active citizens that contribute positively to society. We have high expectations of our students and are committed to high quality teaching and learning that challenges their thinking and excites them about their learning.

Welcome to Newlands Intermediate!

Bracken Road, Newlands, Wellington


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