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Welcome to Hataitai School Hataitai School is a full primary school just south of Wellington city in the Eastern suburbs. We currently have a roll of 347 students and being a full primary means we have students from when they begin school at the age of five, until they are in Year 8 (12 or 13 years old).

Hataitai School is situated on a triangle of 3 roads- Hataitai Road, Arawa Road and Hohiria Road. The main office is off the Hohiria Road entrance.

We love that we are big enough to offer our students lots of variety, but still small enough to have a real family feel. Our senior students take special interest and care in our junior students.

We have a real passion for developing student independence and this creates a special feel in our classrooms. If you visit Hataitai School you will see students being supported by teachers and other classroom adults to make their own decisions about their learning and put these decisions into practice in their day to day learning. 

We also think it is vital that students gain an excellent understanding in the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and social skills in their first few years at school to enable them to use these skills to their best effect later on in their learning. In our middle and senior school we also put an emphasis on independent inquiry learning, utilising these well grounded literacy skills.

We are also passionate about the opportunities computers and other ICT’s allow students in their learning and put time and money into ensuring we have appropriate and well maintained ICT equipment.

At least two times a year our learning communities will hold some form of learning celebration which will allow students to share their learning and work- both products and processes with their families.

2 Arawa Road, Hataitai, Wellington


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