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Local Miramar residents Jacob Brown and Sarah Bullock are the co-owners of the Miramar eatery The Larder.

The vision of the Larder is to service the community with fine, honest food in a relaxed neighbourhood surrounding. Their team aim to provide warm and friendly service that is at the same time both professional and knowledgable.

The team at The Larder work passionately to establish and maintain close personal relationships with their growers and suppliers. The endeavour to source food locally and directly from the farmer. Jacob believes that as well as supporting small local business, it also results in produce that has wonderful flavour and integrity. The menu therefore is produce-driven and directly reflective of the seasons.

Jacob and Sarah believe strongly in the philosophy of 'nose to tail eating', where all the parts of the animal are utilised and honoured.

As residents of Miramar, Sarah and Jacob love giving back to the community, their neighbours, and their friends.

133 Darlington Road, Miramar, Wellington


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