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Brooklyn Deli is a bakery, cafe, and pantry bringing classic Austrian dishes and artisan products to the community of Brooklyn, Wellington. Working with the finest local ingredients and small-scale producers, we provide freshly-baked Austrian sourdough bread, Havana espresso coffee, and a full breakfast & lunch menu, paired with a selection of local wines and beers. Over 80% of what you find in the Deli – including our bread – is made by our chefs and our team of bakers, baristas, and cooks. If it says Brooklyn Deli on the label, it was made by hand with love and care.

You'll find our sourdough breads available at a number of retail outlets across Wellington, including Commonsense Organics and Four Square, Kelburn, along with our range of ginger bread made over Christmas and Easter or for special events. If you're interested in selling any of our products, wholesale inquiries can be made on: 04 801 7543.

While we try our best to make everything from scratch, we know we can’t do it all on our own. That’s why we’ve partnered with the best local producers and businesses, such as Havana Coffee Works, Island Bay Butcher, Zany Zeus, Garage Project, Nela’s Chai, Libertine Blends, Bootleggers, Fantail Grove, and Honey Inc.

In our pantry, you’ll discover locally-produced organic products such as olive oil, honey, preserves, and a small selection of kitchen & homewares. Over in the deli section, the finest cured meats & cheeses, home-made spreads & Labne, and delicious salads & pestos. In the cafe, you’ll see dishes come and go – we strive to deliver a menu that represents what’s seasonally available from our suppliers and the local markets. But one thing’s for sure, you can always enjoy a plate of Goulash & Spätzle washed down with an ice cold beer...(recommended after a big night out).

“At Brooklyn Deli, you’ll enjoy honest food –– nothing super fancy or “fine dining”, just natural, healthy food that warms you up and warms the soul. We’ve worked hard to make this a place where anyone can come for a unique experience, whether they’re excited to try a taste of Europe for the first time, or sitting down to a piping-hot plate of strudel that reminds them of home.”

- Theresa & Herwig Meingast, Owners.

199/201 Ohiro Road, Brooklyn, Wellington


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